Shaker Cabinets for Your Modern Kitchen

Whether you are a New Jersey homeowner looking to remodel your slightly outdated kitchen with more modern features and colors, or a contractor designing and building a kitchen for a new home in North Caldwell or Wayne, there is one cabinet and countertop combination that truly stands out. It is the pairing of shaker cabinets with granite countertops. It is perfect for its styling and simplicity. It provides many options and colors to choose from. This winning combination is sure to please almost any homeowner. A lot of people think of the modern kitchen look in either the classic black and white combination or white on a white pairing. However, it is possible to achieve the modern look. At the same time, you can utilize many other color combinations of cabinetry and countertop that we offer when grouping shaker cabinets with granite counter tops.

Shaker Cabinets

Kitchen design image source: Flickr

The simple look and feel of our cabinets in the shaker style appeal to people all over New Jersey. It works well for kitchens with a modern feel. Our top quality cabinets come in three colors – natural, white, and brandy. Both Fabuwood Shaker Natural and Fabuwood Shaker Brandy kitchen cabinets will complement any kitchen plan. Each color will work in a modern kitchen design equally well. Add simple cabinet and drawer pulls and you will have a non-fussy look. This look will be easy to keep clean while increasing the value of your home.

Granite Countertops

Shaker Cabinets for Your Modern Kitchen
Kitchen design image source: Pixabay

Our granite countertops are durable and long lasting. In addition, they are easy to keep clean. Once sealed, they are completely sanitary. You can cut directly on the granite and not worry that it will leave marks. If you forget and set a hot pan on the surface, rest assured that the granite will not be damaged. Another advantage to using granite as your countertop is that it provides a depth of visual delight. It also maintains its color and richness for many years. This other countertop materials lack. You may prefer the sleek, clean look of our Black Pearl Granite countertop brought together with our cabinets in white. Maybe you like the crispness of an all-white kitchen with a touch of gold in it like our White Spring counter top. Perhaps the soothing blend of the Kashmir Gold Granite or earthy-toned Crema Bordeaux Granite with our Wolf Dartmouth Honey shaker cabinets is the look you want. We have many different colors and tones of granite to help with all of your color decisions.

Shaker Cabinets with Granite

When thinking of designing a modern kitchen, most people think only in terms of black and white. However, this concept has changed over the years. It includes many different color combinations to achieve the modern kitchen look. Depending on the look you want to pull off, shaker cabinets with granite give you the flexibility you need. For a crisp and cool look, you can pair our shaker cabinets in either white or natural with any white or beige toned granite countertop such as our Andromeda White or Apollo Storm. For a more striking appearance, consider pairing the Fabuwood Hallmark Frost white cabinets with black granite countertops such as Black Pearl Granite or Black Galaxy Granite. These work very well. For an even more surprising contrast, consider pairing shaker cabinets in our beautiful brandy tone with a white-toned granite countertop such as our Bianco Antico Granite, Ivory Fantasy Granite, or Moon White Granite. The cool look of green granite countertops like our Turtle Granite with our Fabuwood Landmark Natural kitchen cabinets is very easy on the eye. At the same time, it maintains the modernized kitchen concept. For a daring look, consider our New Venetian Gold Granite with white cabinets.


Featured image photo credit: larkandlarks Apex Shaker Vanilla Kitchen via photopin (license)