Kitchen Cabinets Guide for New Jersey Homeowners

Kitchen cabinets have come a long way since the utilitarian and standardized boxes of 30 years ago. For most people, especially folks who live in the areas around Wayne, North Caldwell, Franklin Lanes or other cities, kitchen space is a premium.

Planning the Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinets Guide for New Jersey Homeowners
Kitchen design image source: Pixabay

If the kitchen is part of a new home or is being completely renovated in an older one, the homeowner and her designer will need to first work out what sort of kitchen it will be. Will it be Victorian or Edwardian? Traditional or contemporary? How large is the space? What of the color and lighting schemes? All of these factors will have an effect on the type of cabinetry.

Types of Kitchen Cabinets

While taking it in mind, the style of the cabinet does not have to conform exactly to the decor of the kitchen. Furniture-like cabinets, with such adornments as pilasters and crown moldings, can be surprisingly attractive in an otherwise modern kitchen that features sleek appliances and an island cooktop. However, contrasting styles need to be used judiciously lest they clash.

Kitchen Cabinets Guide for New Jersey Homeowners
Kitchen design image source: Pixabay

Kitchen cabinet doors can also be solid or fitted with glass panes or mesh. Some country kitchen cabinets have been known to be fitted with chicken wire. Glass panes can be transparent or translucent, different colors, smooth or textured. Most glass, mesh or wire fronted cabinets are found above the counter, but some kitchens have floor cabinets designed this way as well. Kitchen cabinets are also made out of a wealth of materials, including solid and manufactured wood, MDF or stainless steel. They can also have panels made out of attractive punched tin.


Though many kitchens have cabinets that are all the same color, style and finish, more adventurous homeowners contrast colors and textures. For example, the cabinets that make up a kitchen island can have a dark finish that resembles walnut while the cabinets above and below the counters are painted cream. What might link these cabinets is the type of hardware they have or a style that emphasizes sunken panels or ogee corners. Cabinets can also be frameless, with straight lines that speak of a modern Scandinavian influence.


One of the more enjoyable aspects of choosing kitchen cabinets is choosing the hardware, but again, the decor of the kitchen needs to be kept in mind. A simple, polished chrome bar pull, for example, might detract from the beauty of a cabinet door carved to resemble a window in a Gothic church. On the other hand, a stainless steel or rubbed nickel bar pull may be perfect for an unadorned, modern, frameless cabinet. Other types of hardware include knobs made of porcelain, cut glass, metal or wood, cup or bin pulls or pulls that are carved or forged to look like twisted vines or have decorations of leaves or fruit.

Space Savers

Nowadays, cabinets can cleverly hide space savers, such as pullouts with adjustable drawers that can hold bottles of spices or pantry items. Some are just wide enough for one spice jar, while others can accommodate fairly large mixing bowls or pots. Spice racks can also be mounted to cabinet doors. Kitchen cabinets can also have tray bases with dividers that are just right for awkwardly sized items such as cookie sheets and cutting boards. Other pullouts accommodate wastebaskets, while others are set with pegboards on which to hang cleaning implements. Blind corner drawers, which are otherwise awkward to access, can be fitted with lazy susans that pull out. Spice and cutlery trays can also be placed in cabinet drawers. Some cutlery trays are expandable to fit snugly in drawers of several sizes.

Fabuwood Hallmark Brandy

Best Kitchen Cabinets for your New Jersey Kitchen

Choose some of the best kitchen cabinet lines for your Franklin Lakes, North Caldwell, Wayne or New Jersey kitchen. Major New Yorker, Glacier White, Country Oak, and Golden Oak are kitchen cabinet lines made of wood that are especially budget friendly. Wolf Saginaw Crimson kitchen cabinets present classic styling, with a nod to what’s new. Crimson stain on these cherry kitchen cabinets for sale at Aqua showroom in Wayne, NJ is especially deep and rich and will make your kitchen look elegant and expensive. Fabuwood Landmark Brandy kitchen cabinets may be the best choice for your dream kitchen! Solid wood kitchen cabinets, top-notch functional elements, and sophisticated kitchen cabinet design comes at a discount, low price.

If you live in Franklin Lakes, Wayne, North Caldwell, or anywhere in the state of New Jersey or neighboring states, feel free to contact us for a free, no-obligation kitchen cabinet estimate.


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