How to Pair Your Granite with a Backsplash

When choosing a backsplash, granite is one of the most beautiful stones that is commonly used in high-end kitchens. Once you’ve found that gorgeous slab, you need to select the type of a background that will enhance your space. Granite is often chosen because it is not only gorgeous, but it is also durable. Finding a material that can complement the busy patterns, may be a challenge. Due to the fact that each slab of granite is unique, it’s impossible to make generalities about what will work and what won’t. Here are some tips on selecting a backsplash that will help you design a perfect kitchen.

1. Granite walls

Use the same granite and continue it up the wall. It can be used by the vent hood, and it will showcase the pattern like artwork. Not only will it give you a nice and easy to clean surface behind the range, but your friends will be amazed at how high-end the design looks. Be sure to examine the entire slab and see which part of the stone you want to highlight. Typically, four inches of granite against the wall is acceptable.

Kitchen design image source: Photopin

2. Travertine

When you’re choosing a backsplash, you might want to go big and bold. Many people use a travertine tile and place it in a unique pattern. Look at the veins within the granite and try to pick a color that will coordinate and enhance the stone’s hues. You don’t want to pick the exact same color as the granite, or it will lack that wow factor. By choosing the least likely color, it will make that color pop in your stone. With its rich, deep colors and beautiful patterns, Juparana Delicatus Granite will make a strong style statement in your kitchen and home.

Juparana Delicatus Granite

3. Large subway tiles

Subway tiles are a staple in backsplashes. Take for instance the Solarius Granite. If the cabinets are darker and you are using this granite, simply use a white subway tile. Anything goes with this colorful piece. Finding a great pattern is easy when you’re using subway tiles.

Solarius Granite

4. Glass tiles

Glass tiles are definitely the rage these days. If you are going to use a glass tile backsplash, you probably want to choose neutral granite, like Santa Cecilia Granite. You can get as fancy as you want with the backsplash tiles, even creating a design or a mosaic. Just remember you should only do this when your granite isn’t bold in print, too.

Santa Cecilia Granite

5. A backsplash of marble

Another high-end material that works well with granite is marble. Now, marble has a swirl pattern that can mimic some designs in granite. Choosing a backsplash of marble will require muted granite to make it flow properly. If you have an active pattern in the marble and also in the granite, it will be an overkill. Rather, try a nice slab like the Black Galaxy Granite or Black Pearl Granite. Both of these slabs have both black and white but tend to be darker. Adding a reverse of the same colors behind them in a backsplash will make the kitchen pop.

Black Galaxy Granite

As you can see, choosing a backsplash will take some deliberation. However, you always choose your granite slab first, and then your backsplash. The goal is to pair colors that work together and not those that cancel each other out. If your stone is primarily brown, try to pick something that will enhance and bring out the colors in that brown. By following a few guidelines, you will be pleased with your outcome.


Featured image photo credit: NancyHugoCKD.com French Country Kitchen via photopin (license)