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Granite Countertops, Kitchen Cabinets and Quartz Countertops

Granite countertops, quartz countertops, and solid wood kitchen cabinets do more than stand out as attractive features of the kitchen for the short run. Because they’re of the highest quality, you can trust that their beauty will last a long time. With a practical role to play, they can also be relied on to perform outstandingly for years to come. To get an idea of what they can offer, here’s a bit of information about what goes into them.

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Granite Countertops

The granite countertops New Jersey kitchens will benefit the most from are the result of an exacting and professional undertaking. Granite and closely related minerals like gabbro are formed deep within the ground by tremendous forces of heat and pressure that bestow strength and an intriguing motif on them. With a massive array of whites, grays, reds, pinks, and blacks, these materials offer great hardness, durability, and dimensional stability. Quarried at sites throughout the globe, the stone is cut into slabs and shipped here to New Jersey where it awaits final customization at our facilities. After you’ve made your choice, our associates will collect the measurements, make the cuts, and polish the sections to a high gloss. Our installers take it from there to give you the kitchen you dreamed of. Remember, granite countertops do have a certain amount of porosity, so regular sealing is needed. Our technicians can discuss the details since treatment varies from one type of stone to the next.

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Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you live in Wayne, North Caldwell, Franklin Lakes, or other surrounding communities, our showroom provides a convenient hub to access our collection of kitchen cabinets with solid wood fronts that come in a huge assortment of designs, stains and finishes. We provide consultants who can help you find the right one to complement your floors and countertops. From there, our professionals can take your selection and blend it into a computerized mock-up of your kitchen to make visualization of the resulting makeover easy.

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Quartz Countertops

Despite the name, quartz countertops are manufactured. To be sure, the main ingredient is natural quartz. In fact, quartz countertops usually contain 94% crushed quartz. The other elements in this product are resin and pigmentation. As the primary constituent, crushed quartz imparts a considerable amount of variation thanks to its various colors like rose or yellow. Additional variety is achieved by crushing the quartz into sizes from fine sand to coarse pebbles. The quartz is held together with a binding agent, usually polyester, that can have a pigment added to it that matches or contrasts with the quartz. The patterns created by the crushed quartz can resemble those of natural stone while being just as hard. This can be attributed to quartz’s hardness rating of 7. To put this in perspective, hardened carbon steel has a rating of 7.5. Unlike natural stone, quartz countertops aren’t porous, so they’re highly stain resistant without requiring sealant.